MTR Franchises Available

imagesHave you ever wanted to own your own media company? Is it your dream to own a talk radio station but didn’t know where to start or how you could afford it? MTR Radio is your solution! We offer an affordable, turn key solution that includes full training. Your radio station includes a full website where you can post articles, news updates, programming updates, pictures, and more. It also includes a free online player for your station, an Android and IOS app, Facebook and Twitter integration, marketing, and the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing networks of radio stations in the country.

Whether you are interested in sports talk, politics, entertainment, lifestyles, or a music station, we are your solution. Contact us today at 609-412-7235 or at to learn more and get started.

Some of the stations available:

  • MTR Politics
  • MTR Entertainment
  • MTR Lifestyles
  • MTR Baseball
  • MTR Football
  • MTR Hockey
  • MTR Basketball
  • MTR Auto Racing
  • MTR College Sports
  • MTR Arizona
  • MTR Atlanta
  • MTR Baltimore
  • MTR Boston
  • MTR Buffalo
  • MTR Carolina
  • MTR Chicago
  • MTR Cincinnati
  • MTR Colorado
  • MTR Columbus
  • MTR Dallas
  • MTR Edmonton
  • MTR Houston
  • MTR Indianapolis
  • MTR Jacksonville
  • MTR Kansas City
  • MTR Los Angeles
  • MTR Miami
  • MTR Minnesota
  • MTR Montreal
  • MTR New York
  • MTR Oakland
  • MTR Philly
  • MTR Pittsburgh
  • MTR San Diego
  • MTR San Francisco
  • MTR Seattle
  • MTR St Louis
  • MTR Tampa
  • MTR Washington
  • MTR Wisconsin
  • Many more…

Franchises Available